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Bioscience and biotechnology

The Bioscience Survey provides information on the bioscience sector. It covers areas such as aquaculture, medical testing, and horticulture, which have applications in diverse fields including health foods, wine and beer manufacturing, animal and plant breeding, and in biotechnology.

The Bioscience Survey has now been discontinued.

Information releases

Explore our latest bioscience and biotechnology statistics.

Bioscience Survey 
This release, published every two years, contains information on the use, spread, and application of bioscience in New Zealand. It replaces and expands on the  Biotechnology Survey.

Biotechnology Survey 
This release collected information on the use, production, and spread of biotechnology in New Zealand. It was replaced and expanded on by the Bioscience Survey.

Reports and articles

Explore information we’ve gathered from research and analysis.

Biotechnology in New Zealand 2005

Biotechnology 2004

Biotechnology 1999


See Definitions for a full description of bioscience and biotechnology .