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Manufacturing and production

The manufacturing industry produces goods from raw materials or assembles products from components. It supplies the domestic and international markets, and some specialist niche markets. Manufacturing statistics include production statistics about a range of manufactured goods. Also available are details about economic indicators about manufacturing, including income, expenditure, and balance sheets. 

Information releases

Explore our latest manufacturing and production statistics.

Economic Survey of Manufacturing 
Information providing economic indicators for selected manufacturing industries. Find out about:

  • sales
  • stocks
  • salaries and wages
  • purchases of goods and services. 


Analyse the numbers.

Select the following categories from the Infoshare homepage for data about manufacturing and production:
Subject category: Industry sectors
Groups: Manufacturing Survey, Forestry Logging and Timber Production, Livestock Slaughtering, Primary Production, and Secondary Production

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Information about data

Get technical information such as classifications used, survey design, and a guide to interpreting the data.

Information about the Economic Survey of Manufacturing
Technical information about how manufacturing and production statistics are produced.

Information for survey respondents
Information about why we run the survey and how the information we gather is used.