Energy statistics provide information about the production and distribution of electricity, gas, and petroleum-based energy products.

Energy statistics include:

  • details about the volume and use of electricity generated each year from the main sources of hydro, wind, and geothermal
  • production volumes of gas, coal, domestic crude petroleum, and refined petroleum and diesel.

Information releases

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New Zealand Energy Use 
Annual information on the types and amount of energy commodities used in different industries of the New Zealand economy. Examples include the amount of electricity used in mining, or the quantity of coal used in the manufacturing industry.

New Zealand Energy Statistics 
Information on the production of petroleum fuels and electricity generation, and their price movements. This release is no longer produced by Statistics New Zealand.

Manufacturing Energy Use Survey 
Information from 2006 on energy use from businesses within the manufacturing sector, including what types of energy manufacturers use (for example, electricity, petrol, natural gas) and how much is being used. This is a one-off release.


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Reports and articles

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Energy and the Economy 1997–2006 (published 2008)
Statistics about energy use and economic performance at a national and industry level.

Energy and the Economy 1997–2005 (published 2007)
Statistics about energy use and economic performance at a national and industry level.

Energy Flow Account: 1996–1999 (published 2004)
Information on estimates of physical quantities of renewable and non-renewable energy used in New Zealand, and the value of that energy.

Energy Physical Stock Account: 1992–2001 (published 2002)
Information on estimates of physical quantities of energy stored in New Zealand.  

Information about data

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About the New Zealand Energy Use Survey 
Details about why we run the survey and how the information we gather is used.