Natural resources

Statistics on natural resources give you information about how New Zealand industries are using New Zealand's natural resources.

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This information is in environmental accounts – these explore how the environment and New Zealand economy interact.

What environmental accounts measure

Our environmental accounts:

  • measure the value and volume of many of New Zealand's natural resources
  • identify which industries use New Zealand's natural resources.

Environmental accounts allow direct comparisons between environmental and economic information. For example, measures of energy efficiency compare economic activity with energy use. Environmental accounts complement traditional measures of economic activity such as gross domestic product.

The environmental accounts are compiled using the United Nations Integrated System of Environmental and Economic Accounting (SEEA) framework, which is under the System of National Accounts.

Reports and articles

Explore information we have gathered from research and analysis.

Environment domain plan 2013 (published July 2013)
Discusses the initiatives to address our environmental information needs.

Stocktake for the environment domain plan 2012 (published August 2012)
An overview of the national-level environmental statistics and data currently available in 10 environmental topic areas.

Natural resource accounts for New Zealand – overview document (published June 2002)
A background on the natural resource accounts and the New Zealand resource accounts in particular.