Labour hours paid for productivity statistics

Labour hours paid for productivity statistics presents estimates of the levels of labour hours by industry. These statistics provide a richer picture for informing decision making and policy. In particular, they enable further insight into the relative labour productivity performance of industries within the measured sector.

The statistics presented with this paper are sourced from the labour volume series (LVS), a series used in compiling official productivity statistics. The LVS is the preferred data source for an official industry labour hours-paid series. For productivity purposes, the LVS (as an hours-paid measure) provides a more robust measure of labour hours at industry level.

This paper discusses the rationale for choosing the LVS as an official level of hours-paid measure and presents estimates of labour productivity levels using this data. For detailed methodology on the LVS see Productivity Statistics: Sources and Methods.

Levels of labour hours-paid by industry are released as part of the annual industry productivity release, Industry Productivity Statistics: 1978–2010. Labour hours paid are released under the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification 1996 (ANZSIC96) for industries that are part of New Zealand’s measured sector. 

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ISBN 978-0-478-37763-7 (online)
Published 20 March 2012