Balance of payments

Balance of payments (BoP) statistics provide a comprehensive record of New Zealand's economic relationship with the rest of the world. They cover:

  • international trade in goods and services
  • investment income and transfers with other countries
  • financial transactions with the rest of the world.

The international investment position (IIP) shows the level of New Zealand's international assets and liabilities at a point in time.

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Balance of Payments and International Investment Position
Quarterly information on the value of New Zealand's transactions with the rest of the world, and a snapshot of the country's international financial assets and liabilities.


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Subject category: Economic indicators
Groups: Balance of Payments and International Investment Position

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International trade in services – tables 
Detailed information on New Zealand's international trade in services. 

International trade in services by country – tables 
Extra information on New Zealand's international trade in services. Data is available by country for New Zealand's major trading partners.

Investment by country – tables
Information about international investment between New Zealand and our partner countries. The tables contain transaction flows for the years ending 31 March and investment levels at 31 March.

Reports and articles

Explore information we've gathered from research and analysis.

Revisions to New Zealand’s macroeconomic accounts to December 2013  (published 2013)
Informs users of New Zealand's macroeconomic statistics about data changes we plan to include in the international and national accounts for 2013.

Introducing expanded external lending and debt statistics (published 2012)
An introduction to our new series about New Zealand’s international lending and debt.

Revised treatment of the Canterbury earthquakes' impact on overseas investment income (published 2012)
An overview of the revised treatment of the exceptional insurance and reinsurance claims that resulted from the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes.

Improving New Zealand's macroeconomic statistics: Changes up to December 2012 (published 2012)
Information about data changes for macroeconomic statistics included in the international and national accounts.

Improvements to New Zealand's international investment position statistics (published 2012)
Summarises improvements in measuring our international investment position, which result in increasing the level of New Zealand's investment abroad. 

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Information about data

Get technical information such as classifications used, survey design, or a glossary of statistical terms.

Balance of Payments sources and methods (published 2004)
A guide to data sources and methods and the conceptual framework for New Zealand's international accounts.


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