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National accounts

New Zealand's national accounts provide annual information on aggregated economic statistics, such as gross domestic product, investment, spending, and saving, of the nation and sectors of the economy.

For quarterly data, see the Gross domestic product browse for stats page.

Latest news

Preview of 2015 national accounts improvements (published November 2015)
Improvements we will make to New Zealand’s national accounts over the remainder of 2015.

Improving macroeconomic statistics
Find papers that explain revisions and improvements we've made to New Zealand's balance of payments and national accounts. New information published in September 2015.

Information releases

Explore our latest national accounts statistics.

National Accounts (Income and Expenditure)
Key annual information about income, expenditure, and saving for the six sectors of New Zealand’s economy: producer enterprises, financial intermediaries, government, non-profit institutions serving households, households, and the rest of the world. Replaced the Institutional Sector Accounts release in 2012.

National Accounts (Industry Benchmarks)
Detailed annual industry data on production, investment, and capital stock. You can find benchmarks for the level of economic activity, which update and maintain the quality of quarterly GDP statistics. Replaced the National Accounts release in 2012.

Regional Gross Domestic Product
A geographic breakdown of national GDP, providing a measure of regional economic activity.

National Accounts 
We discontinued this release in 2011 and replaced it with National Accounts (Industry Benchmarks). 

Institutional Sector Accounts 
We discontinued this release in 2011 and replaced it with National Accounts (Income and Expenditure). 


Analyse the numbers.

Select the following categories from the Infoshare home page for annual data about national accounts:
Subject category: Economic indicators
Group: National Accounts (ANZSIC06) – System of National Accounts 1993 – SND

Find out more about Infoshare.

Long-term data series 
Tables in this long-term data series provide a general reference on demographic, social, and economic trends in New Zealand. 

Supply and use tables
Supply and use tables record how supplies of goods and services originate from domestic industries and imports, and how those supplies are allocated between uses, including exports.

Input-output tables
Input-output tables are a powerful analytical tool describing the structure of New Zealand’s economy. They show: the relationships between industries, goods and services they produce, and who uses them.   

Reports and articles

Explore information we've gathered from research and analysis.

Regional Gross Domestic Product: Year ended March 2014 (published March 2015)
Regional gross domestic product (GDP) is a geographic breakdown of national-level GDP.

2015 revisions to New Zealand’s macroeconomic accounts (published February 2015)
Information on the revisions we've made to 2015 macroeconomic statistics.

Measuring capital stock in the New Zealand economy, 4th edition (published 2014)
Updated report that explains the concepts and methodology for developing the two measures of capital stock, and the corresponding consumption of fixed capital.

Improvements to gross domestic product in December 2013 (published 2013)
Explores planned data changes to be included in the September 2013 quarter's GDP release.

Revisions to New Zealand’s macroeconomic accounts to December 2013  (published 2013)
Informs users of New Zealand's macroeconomic statistics about data changes we plan to include in the international and national accounts for 2013.

Improving New Zealand’s macro-economic accounts: Methodological and conceptual reviews (published 2013)
Introducing improvements we are making to New Zealand’s macro-economic accounts, which consist of national accounts and balance of payments.

Introducing regional gross domestic product (published 2013)
Background to the first release of annual regional gross domestic product, planned for 28 June 2013.

See more national accounts reports and articles

Information about data

Get technical information such as classifications used, survey design, glossary of statistical terms.

Annual national accounts sources and methods (published November 2014)
The pilot of a guide to data sources and methods and the conceptual framework for New Zealand's annual national accounts.

Additional information about National Accounts and GDP
Short explanation about national accounts and gross domestic product.

DataInfo+ concepts
Definitions of terms used by Statistics NZ.

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