Business growth and innovation

Statistics about business growth and innovation include details about businesses’ management practices and behaviours, financing arrangements, turnover and profitability, commitment and barriers to innovation, and use of information and communications technology.

We also publish information on topics such as employment practices, international engagement, business strategy and skills, price and wage setting, and financial conditions.

Information releases

Explore our latest business growth and innovation statistics.

Business Operations Survey
Annual information on business practices and behaviours that may have some impact on business performance.

Business Activity (GST) indicator
Information, up to 2001, on indicators of business activity by industry (based on GST data).

Business Practices Survey
Information published in 2001 on the business practices of New Zealand firms, including use of information technology, adoption of specific management practices, and commitment to innovation.


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Business Operations Survey tables 
Downloadable Excel tables with detailed annual data on the operations of New Zealand businesses.

Access our microdata
Find out how to access high-quality statistical data by using our Data Lab computer facilities and confidentialised unit record files (CURFs).

Reports and articles

Explore information we’ve gathered from research and analysis.

Strong connection between ICT and business-growth activities (published 2013)
This article paints a picture of the use of ICT in New Zealand businesses – in particular, the relationship between using ICT and carrying out activities that contribute to business growth.

Using statistics for informed decision-making to improve your bottom line (published 2012)
Illustrates how businesses can use our statistics to make informed decisions about business capability, measurement and analysis, and customer and market focus.

Innovation in New Zealand: 2011 (published 2012)
A statistical picture of business innovation and performance in New Zealand. Innovation is defined as the introduction of any new or significantly improved goods, services, processes, or marketing methods.
View Innovation in New Zealand reports from past years.

International engagement by New Zealand businesses (published 2009)
Key results from the Business Operations Survey 2007, including information on the different types of international engagement by New Zealand businesses.

Business practices and performance (published 2007)
Key results from the Business Operations Survey on the performance of New Zealand businesses, the management practices being undertaken, and the environment businesses are operating in.

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Information about data

Get technical information such as classifications used, survey design, and a glossary of statistical terms.

Frequently asked questions about the Business Operations Survey
Information about why we run the survey and how the information we gather is used.