Help finding statistics on our website

Use this page to help you find your way around our website and its wide range of free statistics.

Finding data

We offer several ways to get to the data you need.

A–Z of information releases
Select an information release topic, chose a release by date, and then select the Tables section for data tables in Excel format.

Browse for statistics
Choose a subject page and then look under the headings Data and Information about data.

Visit the census homepage to access past and current census data (1996, 2001, 2006, and 2013 Censuses).

Frequently requested statistics
Links to statistics that are often requested through our Information Centre.

Tools and services
Get links to our main data tools, and access to customised data services, microdata, and the Data Archive.

Finding publications

Our publications
Visit this page for links to our main publication pages.

Getting help

If the information or data you need is not on our site, then you can use the form below to request it or contact our Information Centre: